When the tournament was over, I reflected with my Co-coach Pauline Broughton and team Manager Arihia Taikato on our success in winning the U11 Kōtiro finals at the 2020 NZ Māori Nationals basketball tournament.

What our success came down to, was our ability as adults to work together and utilise each other’s strengths to bring out the absolute best in the girls. Winning a tournament is dependent on many factors but having a strong foundation of trust and support on the coach and management level was what I believe brought us the gold.

I am confident that each of the kōtiro from our team, no matter which one you speak to will recall the tournament with fond memories. That is what we sought to achieve, a fond memory where the feeling of working hard together as a team and supporting one another brought us to 1st place. An experience that is lasting and a trust formed with each other that is unbreakable.

Coach Te Rina Coffn
Te Maru o Mauao ki Tauranga Moana