‘It was just a matter of time and this was our year to shine’ said Co-coach Pauline Broughton. Te Maru o Mauao ki Tauranga Moana U11 Kōtiro team took out 1st place at the 2020 New Zealand Māori National basketball tournament in Rotorua.
With only a few weeks to train the team bonded, learnt new skills and game plays, and worked hard. ‘Their training and work ethics are second to none, building a strong unit among themselves, both skilfully and relationship wise, both on and off the court and with the tremendous backing of my Co-coach Te Rina Coffin and super Manager Arihia Taikato, and the whole Te Maru o Mauao whānau, we came out on top!
The team went to Māori Nationals with one rule and that was to have FUN and play hard! For some of the kōtiro it was their first time at Māori nationals. ‘This is definitely one tournament we all look forward to every year, because it’s not just about basketball, it’s about whānau! Our U11 Kōtiro deserved their ‘Gold Medal’ and what a privilege it was to have coached them. I am so proud of them all!’ said Co-Coach Pauline.

I believe the key to our success was having ALL of our Te Maru o Mauao whānau support behind us, surrounding us, and leading us, and inspiring us!!

Coach Pauline Broughton
Te Maru o Mauao ki Tauranga Moana